Our humanities curriculum supports the development of the traditional skills of critical reading, persuasive writing, analytical thinking, and research, within the context of learning about the past. These skills help students analyze situations through a historical lens. Humanities classes in the Middle School include content and skills from both literacy and history based on the premise that students become more engaged readers and more prolific writers if they are deeply immersed in their curricular content. History and social studies continue to be at the core of the curriculum as students engage in in-depth investigations of cultures from around the world. One goal of the Middle School humanities curriculum is to tie together contemporaneously occurring events around the world. In the Middle School, students study global and U.S. history through the lens of power and justice.  Overarching questions include: Whose story is being told? How does conflict shape history? What are the roles and responsibilities of being a member of civil society? How has technology changed history?  Course topics may change from year to year based on teacher and student interest. A possible breakdown is listed below.