Middle School

6th through 8th Grades

Educational Approach

The Middle School is dedicated to continuing the progressive approach to education that students experience in the lower grades. Our focus is on engaging children as active participants in and initiators of their own learning. Using a constructivist approach (meaning students work to develop an understanding of a concept through investigation and experimentation), we encourage middle schoolers to investigate real-world problems and develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in the process. In all academic areas, students undertake independent and collaborative projects that extend the ideas and topics introduced to them by their teachers, becoming more self-directed as they get older.

Greene Hill Middle Schoolers will be:

  • confident and self aware
  • independent
  • caring and active members of their community
  • challenged and engaged academically
  • critical thinkers
  • joyful about learning


Students participate in the traditional academic classes such as humanities, math, science, and Spanish, while having broad exposure to the performing and visual arts. In addition, we offer physical education and health classes.

In terms of extra-curricular activities, students engage in wide-ranging experiences such as community service, mentoring, independent studies, team sports, and travel programs. Our curriculum is closely aligned with national standards as well as local New York City school programs, ensuring that our students are prepared for high school when they graduate 8th grade.

Our curriculum investigates questions such as:

  • How does conflict lead to change?
  • Who narrates history?
  • How can we solve real-world mathematical problems?
  • What ethical issues arise in the study of science?
  • What are universal themes in literature?


Our teachers are as deeply passionate about working with adolescents as they are about their subject matter. They guide students to develop their own ideas about learning, and understand that it is as important to create trusting relationships with the young people under their care as it is to instill in them a love of learning. Our faculty has graduate degrees from well-regarded masters programs. Our small student-teacher ratio allows teachers to collaborate closely — ensuring a well-integrated curriculum and focused attention on individual students’ needs.

High School Preparation

Students graduating from Greene Hill are poised to attend any of the broad range of excellent NYC high schools, both independent and public. Our commitment to instilling critical-thinking enables our students to think deeply, communicate effectively, and transition to high school smoothly. In seventh grade, we offer a formalized high school preparation program so that students are ready to take any necessary standardized tests in eighth grade. In addition, we support students in their collection of any portfolio materials they may need. Our small size enables us to support families in the high school admissions process and advocate on behalf of our graduates with high school admissions officers. Our graduates attend a wide range of selective public, independent, boarding, parochial and charter schools. 


Each student is a member of a small advisory group that provides ongoing academic and social support. Advisory groups ensure that all students are connected to one of the adults in the community as well as to a smaller subset of their peers. We address the developmental needs of each student by assisting them in being well-organized, comfortable with routine study practices, responsible for their own work, and respectful in their social interactions. Advisory is also a place where we attend to the needs of the ever-changing social sphere of young adolescents. Students meet with their advisory once a week.

The Arts

Greene Hill Middle School is fortunate to be right in the midst of the vibrant Brooklyn arts community. Students are exposed to a wide variety of media and disciplines in the visual and performing arts, including drawing, painting, woodworking, dance, theater, and music. 

Independent Projects

Greene Hill School is committed to supporting children in self-initiated work from age 4-14.Middle school students have many opportunities to follow their interests and delve into independent projects across the curriculum. Examples may include research projects on civilizations during the Middle Ages, exploration and creation of an object based on colonial craft-making techniques, or a multimedia presentation on a civil justice issue. Students also explore areas outside of the curriculum through weekly independent work time as well as electives.

Community Service 

Greene Hill is committed to community service as an integral part of its mission. Middle school students are involved in mentoring younger children in the school as well as undertaking projects in the neighborhood and throughout the city. 

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