4s – 6s
Spanish instruction in the early childhood classes is designed to be fun and to encourage risk-taking in a new language. 4s and 5s learn basic vocabulary and expressions in weekly sessions. They focus on greetings, colors, numbers, the alphabet, the calendar, animals, the body, and food, through games, songs, and other interactive activities. 6s extend their work through twice-weekly sessions, making more curricular connections and improving their Spanish conversational skills.

7s – 10s
In the upper grades, students continue to increase their Spanish vocabulary and conversational skills. More and more, they learn to use Spanish across other areas of their curriculum: solving math problems in Spanish, telling time, learning vocabulary that relates to science and social studies topics. As their conversational skills grow, so do their writing skills, eventually becoming proficient at writing paragraphs in Spanish around a variety of topics. Students also learn more about Spanish-speaking countries and cultures around the world.