Community Work + Social Studies

In the early years of the Lower School, Social Studies and Science work are deeply intertwined in the classrooms, as children are immersed in experiences that help them better understand their communities and environments. While certain studies may fall neatly into the categories of “Science” or “Social Studies,” at this age the connections among them are very strong, with most explorations highly integrated in nature.  We call these core studies “Community Work.” Whole-class block building is an important arena for learning: children build realistic scaled models based on first-hand research, and then use their structures to deepen their experience through dramatic play and reenactment. 

Greene Hill faculty work collaboratively and reflectively to craft curriculum each year, aligned with core learning concepts for each age group that take into consideration the interests and learning styles of each group of students as well as current events or other real-world learning opportunities, ensuring that students experience a rich, comprehensive curriculum over the course of their time at Greene Hill School.  Specific learning objectives provide benchmarks for student progress in each content area and teachers use a range of formal and informal assessments to assess children’s learning and plan future studies.