Fund for Greene Hill

The Fund for Greene Hill is the place where everyone in the Greene Hill community – parents, grandparents, and special friends – can come together to support the school we love.

We hope that families will make GHS their philanthropic priority and make personally significant contributions to the FFGH throughout the year.   To make a contribution online, please click HERE.

Greene Hill is committed to helping families continue to be able to afford a GHS education. 

Greene Hill is committed to providing every child the opportunity to participate fully in whatever kinds of intentional learning experiences we institute this year from smaller cohorts within the school building to distance learning.  This means upfront expenditures that are new this year, including the hiring of a full-time school nurse. The school has been making – and will continue to make –  appropriate purchases of necessary new supplies like  no-touch thermometers, portable hand-washing stations, tech support and new individual desks.


Contributions can also be made through FACTS.  Email the school’s Business Manager to charge a gift to FACTS.

GHS also accepts checks, credit cards and gifts of stock.

Frequently Asked Questions (… and Answers)

Who contributes to the Fund for Greene Hill?

Everyone contributes to the Fund for Greene Hill. 100% of GHS Board members make personally significant contributions to the Fund. Grandparents, special friends and teachers also contribute to the Fund for Greene Hill.

Greene Hill School has had an enviable – and almost unheard of – record of almost 100% family participation in The Fund for Greene Hill for the past 11 years!  

In the past, GHS has asked parents to consider a contribution to the Fund in the amount of 5% of their tuition – why is it different this year?

GHS will have unexpected expenses this year including appropriate PPE, new furniture and safety equipment. GHS also understands that our families may also be facing unexpected expenses or financial circumstances. We hope that our families will make the school a philanthropic priority this year.

Why does the school need more money if families pay tuition? Doesn’t tuition cover the costs of running the school?

No. Tuition covers only about 90% of the cost of running the school in any given year. Greene Hill needs to raise the additional 10% each year just to meet our annual operating budget. This is similar to the challenges facing other independent schools.

Greene Hill School keeps tuition affordable with our sliding scale tuition model. Is this what causes the gap between tuition and operating costs?

No. Most independent schools have a gap between operating costs and tuition. Greene Hill’s financial model is in line with other independent schools of similar size and age.

What if I think my gift to The Fund will be too small to make a difference?

  • Gifts of all sizes support the school.  GHS has received gifts ranging from $25 to $25,000 and we appreciate gifts of any amount.
  • Gifts to the Fund for Greene Hill are tax-deductible (to the extent allowed by law) and so are a way for families to support the school with a greater gift than may have otherwise been possible.
  • Some employers match employees’ charitable donations.  It’s an easy way to increase giving to the school.
If there are any questions, please email Manager of Advancement, Sherika Campbell at

Gifts to Greene Hill School are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.