In order to understand themselves in the world, Greene Hill students think critically and in a variety of ways about their own identity and how this leads them to relate to other people. Our ongoing Identity curriculum looks to foster communication between children and adults about topics that can be personal and sometimes not easy to define. We value and reserve space during the school day for these conversations and consider the work an important part of our commitment to creating children who will grow into participating adults in a diverse and democratic society.


  1. Increase respect for differences and gain a deeper understanding of universal similarities.
  2. Develop skills to read and think critically.
  3. Foster student identity and self awareness for both social and cultural identity.
  4. Understand how to negotiate their own identity in multiple spaces.


  • understand, appreciate, and care for their bodies;
  • develop and maintain healthy friendships and relationships;
  • avoid unhealthy or exploitative experiences and relationships;
  • recognize and deal with peer pressure;
  • make responsible decisions; and
  • understand how their behavior is linked to their beliefs about what is right and wrong.


  1. Who Am I
  2. Growth & Development
  3. Your Body
  4. Community & Family
  5. Identity