FAQ-GHS Middle School

6th through 8th Grade

What is your class size?
Our class size is approximately 15-20 students.

Why should I send my child to a school that ends in 8th grade?
Being at a school that culminates with grade eight affords students the luxury of choosing exactly which type of secondary school will be the best fit.  When it comes time to choose a high school, eighth graders at GHS are given direction to help articulate their hopes and goals for secondary school.

Who are the students at Greene Hill?
Our students come from all over Brooklyn. Our middle school is comprised partly of students who have attended Greene Hill’s lower division and partly of students new to the school.

How will you help my child get into High School?
Students leave GHS well-prepared with a love of learning and a clear sense of themselves as an important member of their community. Our rich academic curriculum and emphasis on critical thinking and communication will enable them to gain entry into the high school of their choice.

Greene Hill staff are familiar with all of the high schools that might be of interest to our graduates. Our curriculum is geared toward meeting the expectations required for high school admission.

We will help you through every step of the process: 

  • Individual meetings with families
  • Preparation for all aspects of admissions process
  • Mock interviews
  • Information on NYC HS fairs
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Information on and preparation for  HS testing
  • Visits with school admissions counselors on GHS students’ behalf
  • Advice throughout the process

What High Schools do Greene Hill students attend?  Graduating Middle Schoolers are accepted into their top choices. Click here for a list of high school acceptances.


For more information about our middle school please email admissions@greenehillschool.org