Greene Hill is equipped with laptop carts and tablets that are shared by our older students and used purposefully to support meaningful student work and the development of technology skills. At Greene Hill students learn that, while computing devices are important tools for research and communication, they are also tools for creativity, design, and bringing ideas to fruition.  By engaging in self-initiated projects and open-ended experimentation, children learn how to solve problems in innovative ways. Educational applications of technology are taught explicitly as students begin using our school Google domain as part of their academic studies in the upper grades, and become skilled at utilizing technology for Open Work and other projects.  Digital media and citizenship guidelines and skills are taught as students become more independent with technology use.  Greene Hill students are encouraged to see the situations in which computing and digital technology are useful tools, and also to continue to consider and seek out other means to communicate and share their ideas and what they have learned. End of unit projects often include digital slides, typed papers and audiovisual presentations, as well as hand-designed and drawn posters and 3D models.