Physical Education

Greene Hill’s Physical Education program is designed with the changing developmental needs of children in mind, as well as beliefs in the value of regular physical activity and cooperative work.  All students participate in physical education classes, though the nature of the classes changes as students move through school.  Our youngest students have Movement classes that explore the elements of creative dance and basic game structure, as well as introduce yoga poses and practice that continue throughout their years at school. Children experiment with shape, quality, speed, and energy through dance. Gross and fine motor development is encouraged through running, jumping, galloping, skipping, as well as throwing, catching, kicking, and dribbling. Spatial awareness, bodily coordination and control, musicality, self-expression, and social cooperation are practiced through a variety of creative movement activities and group challenges such as relay races, obstacle courses, and collaborative games. Students learn to work together in space, navigating their own bodies safely while working with partners and in small groups.  

As students get older, Movement expands from the basic elements of dance and sports to include the concepts of movement phrases, choreography, folk dance, and performance, as well as traditional yoga practice and the more complicated game structures involved in soccer, volleyball, basketball, kickball, and games of the children’s own invention. Students begin thinking critically about how games work and how to participate in them in a way that feels safe, fun, inclusive, and challenging. These games increase endurance, strength, and more advanced ball skills. Upper grade students continue to learn how to navigate their own bodies safely through space while working energetically and rigorously. They practice managing their social-emotional responses to game play and cooperation. 

In PE class in the 8s, 9s, and 10s, students begin to learn specific sports skills while also continuing to play collaborative and community-building games. By Middle School, students have PE classes each week that focus on a variety of sports including soccer, volleyball, running, and basketball, and also have the opportunity to play on school teams in a small independent school league.  Our sports program focuses on teamwork and good sportsmanship and allows students of all abilities to participate actively as a way to learn new skills, collaborate with peers and develop physical fitness.