For Pre-K through 8th Grades

What is a sliding scale tuition and why do we have it?

A sliding scale tuition means that families pay the tuition that is appropriate for their family’s income and financial resources.  Practically, Greene Hill has established seven different tuition tiers and a financial assessment will determine which tier is appropriate for each family.

An independent private school, Greene Hill is committed to diversity and the sliding scale is one of the ways that we live our mission.

For families interested in a financial assessment Greene Hill School uses an outside agency, FACTS Management, to assess the amount families have available towards their child’s education.

The financial assessment must be completed by January 6, 2020. Families who are accepted to GHS will receive information about their tuition tier at that time.

GHS Lower School Tuition Tiers for 2020-21

Tier 1 $4,748
Tier 2 $8,115
Tier 3 $12,259
Tier 4 $15,055
Tier 5 $19,948
Tier 6 $27,294
Tier 7 $34,549

GHS Middle School Tuition Tiers for 2019-20

Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3


Tier 4


Tier 5


Tier 6


Tier 7