Welcome to Greene Hill School

For families of students in Pre-K through 8th grades.

Greene Hill School (GHS) is a progressive independent school for children ages four to fourteen in pre-k through 8th grade. GHS was founded by parents and educators who envisioned an engaged and socially responsible community of active learners.  Greene Hill School has small class sizes and staff dedicated to supporting children as they become confident in their abilities to explore, learn, demonstrate compassion, and be inspired.

Our students are directly engaged with the world, from growing plants in their community garden to connecting with people who work and live in Brooklyn. We provide open-ended materials and experiences and emphasize inquiry in the classroom.

We at Greene Hill understand that realistically it is a challenge to operate an independent school with low tuition rates, but are committed to working toward our goal of having Greene Hill School be a viable option for members of our community without tuition being a barrier.