Annual Appeal

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At the heart of the Greene Hill educational experience is our community and we — teachers, students, administration, parents and grandparents — need to continually nourish it so that it flourishes year after year.

GHS families value a diverse and strong community. Tuition income alone doesn’t cover our operating expenses and every year parents, grandparents and special friends have made a commitment to support the school with gifts to the Annual Appeal.

Can we count on you to make that commitment?

Click HERE to make a contribution to Greene Hill.

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A gift of 3% or more of a family’s tuition fees would help us reach our goal of $100,000.

If you have not made a gift to the Annual Appeal in the past, we hope you will consider a gift of that amount.    If you have supported the Annual Appeal with gifts greater than 3% of your tuition fees, we hope that you will maintain or increase your gift.


Contributions can also be made through FACTS.  Email Rachael at to charge a gift to FACTS.

LS Tuition 3% Contribution MS Tuition 3% Contribution
$5,793 $174 $7,367 $221
$8,904 $267 $11,576 $347
$14,435 $433 $18,277 $548
$20,234 $607 $24,829 $745
$25,431 $763 $29,923 $898
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Please contact Rachael Burton, Development Director, at with any questions or to make other arrangements for making a gift to the Annual Appeal.

GHS accepts checks, credit cards and gifts of stock.

Gifts to the Annual Appeal are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Quick Q and A

What is the Annual Appeal?

Every year Greene Hill School, like most independent schools, asks parents, friends and community members to support the school with unrestricted (tax-deductible) financial donations to the school.

Why does the school need more money if parents already pay tuition? Isn’t the tuition enough to cover the cost of running the school?

No. Tuition covers only about 80% of the cost of running the school in any given year. Greene Hill needs to raise the additional 20% each year just to meet our operating budget. This is similar to the challenges facing other independent schools.

It costs about $1000 above and beyond tuition income per child to keep our doors open.

The Annual Appeal raises operating support – part of the necessary cost of educating each child. Unlike tuition payments, however, gifts to the annual appeal are tax-deductible.

Does everyone contribute to the Annual Appeal?

Almost 100% of our families make contributions to the Annual Appeal every year.

It costs about $1000 per child more than what tuition brings in to provide all the wonderful educational opportunities that Greene Hill offers.

Please think about how your family can contribute your fair share toward this yearly cost. Parent participation is important to GHS and we value participation greatly.

Greene Hill School keeps tuition affordable with our sliding scale tuition model. Is this what causes the gap between tuition and operating costs?

No. Most independent schools have a gap between operating costs and tuition. Greene Hill’s financial model is in line with other independent schools of similar size and age.

Why does participation matter? What if I think my gift to the Annual Appeal will be too small?

Greene Hill School has had an enviable – and almost unheard of – record of almost 100% family participation in the annual appeal for the past 6 years! Since GHS is a relatively new school, foundations and other grant giving institutions look at the Annual Appeal to evaluate community support for the school. Many people have commented on the unusually high level of support for the Annual Appeal – it is a great compliment to the whole school community.

If GHS raises $100,000 are we done with fundraising?

No. GHS is a relatively new school and we still need to raise funds to support our growth.  We raise funds to support areas of growth like teacher professional development, technology and our sports programs.

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If there are any questions, please email Development Director Rachael Burton at