PATHS is a volunteer group of parents and teachers who work together to support the development of our school. PATHS is a vital part of Greene Hill culture and is actively involved in everything from the school library to community outreach.  Some committees work primarily on event planning and fundraising and are active for only a short time. Other committees such as Diversity and Community Service are ongoing throughout the year. We encourage all Greene Hill parents to participate in PATHS.


PATHS sponsors several community-building events throughout the year, including a welcome reception on the first day of school and potluck dinners in the fall and spring.  Committee sign up sheets are posted at the events and near the front office at the school.  For more information on PATHS and how you can volunteer, email


We have two co-chairs and many committee heads who work in conjunction with the school’s administration to oversee PATHS.

PATHS Co-Chairs:

PATHS co-chairs are responsible for overseeing the total number of committees and events. They work with committee heads to create defining statements and a calendar for the year and ensure that each committee has what it needs to achieve its goals.

  • 2015-2016 PATHS Co-Chairs: Rebecca Caban and Kate Sheldon

PATHS Committee Heads:

Committee heads work with the PATHS co-chairs to create a defining statement and calendar for the year.  They meet regularly with committee members to ensure that their goals for the year are met.  They are also responsible for maintaining current and regular communication with the co-chairs and administration. Each committee typically has two committee heads.