Welcome from our Head of School


As I begin my eleventh year as Head of School, I experience the familiar rush of adrenaline as teachers return and parents and students arrive.  It has been an absolute joy to be here since the school was started both as co-founder and head.

I confess to a bit of nostalgia, looking back to another first day of school in 2009 when just eight kindergarteners marched into an apartment and founded Greene Hill School. Of course, they were more interested in learning how to compost in the bathtub and build a dentist’s office out of blocks, but as they grew up, so did our school.

Greene Hill is a place where kids love learning, where curiosity is fostered and critical thinking valued. Parents tell me that the moment they walk into our Adelphi Street building, they know they’ve found an extraordinary place where their children will feel safe, nurtured, and challenged.  And when children first enter our classrooms, they instinctively know that their voices will be heard and their ideas explored.

I am proud to be the Head of one of a handful of schools in the country with a sliding scale tuition model based on family income. We want to be accessible to families for whom most independent schools are out of reach. Our community values economic diversity along with every other aspect of diversity and the resulting richness. Our curriculum, which has grown and deepened as the school has expanded, revolves around a commitment to the principles of progressive education — and an active exploration of how this looks in the classroom. Your child’s social and emotional growth is as important to us as their rigorous academic experience.

I am impressed every day by the commitment and joy that teachers bring to the classroom, the engagement and curiosity of the students, the thoughtful leadership of the administrators and board, and the active participation of our families. There is a deep sense of shared values and pride in what we are doing.

Choosing the right school for your child doesn’t have to be a stressful process. We are here to help. Please take the time to visit us — on our website, on a tour, or in conversation with current students and families.

Please be in touch with any questions you have on your quest to find the right school for your child.



Diana Schlesinger