Strategic Plan

I am pleased to present a three-year strategic plan created with community support from faculty and staff, parents and community partners between September 2015 and November 2016 in order to support strategic decision making by the Board and school leadership and ensure alignment with our mission and plans for future growth. 

Greene Hill School has come a long way since 2009. We began with 8 kindergarteners in an apartment and have now graduated 8th graders. In a very short time, we have assembled two full school divisions, a uniquely talented and devoted group of faculty and staff, and an engaged community of families and supporters — all deeply committed to the principles of progressive education, diversity and democratic citizenship.

As our first graduating class goes out into the world, we are looking ahead to the challenges and opportunities of being a more mature institution. Above all we must sustain this extraordinary achievement and build on it. We must shore up our financial operations, explore ways to extend our core values, and nurture the vitality of our community. Furthermore, after a period of setting up the School’s internal foundation, we believe it is also time to proudly take our place in the world, to outwardly express our values and play our role in supporting the movement for progressive education.

To that end, the Board of Trustees, with support from parents and faculty volunteers, drafted this three-year strategic plan, developing four committees: (1) Community, (2) Development, (3) Finance, and (4) Marketing + Advocacy.  These Board committee continue to meet regularly in order to support the ongoing work and goals.  

Thank you to the Board of Trustees and the GHS Community for developing this important document. The complete Strategic Plan may be found HERE.

Diana Schlesinger, School Director